Social Business & Sport Centers

Tailored social business programs built around sport infrastructures of all sizes to solve local problems.

– Maximizing infrastructure use
– Finding a self-sustainable economic model for the infrastructure
– Solving social problems in the local community
– Creating an engaged community around the infrastructure

in billion, this is the number of people are not doing enough physical exercise

of the world is living on less than $2 a day

in thousand, this is the number of girls that become child brides every day

Sport infrastructures of all sizes constitute a legacy that is the backbone of local engagement, economy, tourism and healthy communities. Using the social business approach, we build on this outstanding legacy to bring concrete solutions to local social issues.
This allows sport infrastructure managers to maximize the infrastructure use, generate additional incomes, while solving local problems such as poverty, unemployment or gender inequalities.  

Turning into a Sport & Social Business Center

Status quo analysis

Data collection, briefing alignment and priorities identification

Ideation process

Brainstorming to generate ideas of solutions

Strategy & Feasibility

Strategy definition around the best ideas, and feasibility assessment

Ecosystem building

Connecting and engaging the local ecosystem to the infrastructure

Program implementation

Delivering, monitoring, reporting

How can we help you:
– we help you maximize the infrastructure use and build its self-sustainable economic model while solving local social issues
– we build a local ecosystem of engaged citizens, social business entrepreneurs and organizations around the infrastructure
“Yunus Sports Hub brought us an amazing on the ground support in creating Winter 700, our social business that aims to hire unemployed former athletes, to sell sport experiences into the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Venues. It allows us to support athletes, to maximize the Venues use, but also to create attractiveness for the whole region and promote sport for all in a self-sustainable way

Yeuigyu IM
Winter 700 Chairman

Photo credit: Win Win Afrique (Agora Koumassi, Abidjan)

From Prof. Yunus to all problem solvers who use social business in sport centers
Even the biggest problem can be cracked by a small well-designed intervention. That’s where you and your creativity come in.”