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The programs were co-designed with Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, founder of the Grameen Bank and world-renowned social entrepreneur. Join thousands of other (social) entrepreneurs and start your business project with access to over 40 years of experience and a global network of experts and companies.

If you want to do something, you have to imagine it.
If you don’t imagine it, it will never happen.

- Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace
Laureate 2006 and Olympic Laurel

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to everyone

Jump "From the idea to the Pitch"

Explore, design and verify your business idea and become a successful social entrepreneur.


6 Weeks

(24 total hours)

100% online

(CPF eligible)


In this 100% online training, we help you to realize your ideas and your entrepreneurial ambitions. Through a combination of group workshops, lessons and independent work, you will explore, structure and present your (social) business project.

The objectives:
  • Refine your your (social) business idea
  • Structure your (social) business project
  • Pitch your (social) business project with serenity

“Training with YSH has helped me to realise that anyone can be an entrepreneur. I’ve worked out what I need to do to bring my business ideas to life.” 

Valérie C.

Upcoming “JUMP”

  •  November 01 – December 10

Soon available in English and Spanish!

Bilan of skills

Assess your skills, identify your options and give your career a new direction.


Express: 10h

Integral: 24h
100% online
Express:  900€

Intégral: 1500€

(CPF eligible)

The skills assessment makes it possible to analyze your professional and personal skills, your aptitudes and your motivations in support of a professional development project and, if necessary, training.

Lasting 9 months (full) or 3 months (express), via a combination of interviews, coaching sessions and independent work, the skills assessment allows you to:

  • Analyze your professional and personal skills
  • Explore your motivations, interests and ambitions
  • Investigate and define your professional objective.

Our commitment


Yunus Sports Hub is committed to creating training accessible and suitable for everyone. In 2022, the training organization obtained Qualiopi certification for its training actions and skills assessments. This label was awarded by a referenced certifying body whose auditor recognizes and certifies the quality and application of the provisions.

Financing your training

If you finance your JUMP via the CPF
– Go to the official website 
– In the search bar enter “JUMP – Business creation (social): from idea to pitch” and select “distance learning”.
– Click on the proposed training offer to finalize your registration.

If you finance your JUMP with your own funds

Fill in the registration form by choosing the JUMP in which you wish to participate (registration)
We will send you within 72 hours a quote and information to pay for the training and confirm your registration.

If you are a job seeker, you can request assistance from your Pôle Emploi center, subject to the eligibility of your file.

You are a company or a financier and wish to offer a JUMP to one or more people, send us an email with the dates of the JUMP that interest you and the number of people who will participate. We will send you a quote within 72 hours and information to pay for the training and confirm the registration of your participants.


Yes! This training is designed is for anyone who wants to launch a (social) business. It is a 100% distance learning program allowing you to combine both your entrepreneurship project and your sports career.

Yes! This training is designed is for anyone who wants to launch a (social) business. It is a 100% distance learning program allowing you to participate whereever you are on the planet as long as your speak French.

Yes! You don’t need to have any knowledge or experience in entrepreneurship. We will guide you from your idea to your pitch!

Not necessarily. This training is open to everyone, with no prerequisite.

Not necessarily, we will support you to develop your own business, regardless if it has a link with sport.

Not necessarily, we will support you to develop your own business, regardless of it is a social business.

Yes! The Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF) allows employees to accumulate training hours to be used during or outside their working hours. To know the balance of your CPF, connect to the site

If you need help to activate your CPF to enroll in a training, do not hesitate to contact our team:

It depends on your needs and projects.  You have to be available during the 10 weeks of the training. Every week, you are invited to participate in a live virtual session with your cohort (every Thursday from 13h to 14h). On top of that, you will work in autonomy on the lecon and your deliverable (1 to 2h per week).

You will be part of a cohort of 10 to 20 (social) entrepreneurs. You will meet once a week (every Thursday from 13h to 14h). The rest of the time you will study on your own. You will, though, have access to a forum to exchange with your peers at any time.

A social business is a business 100% dedicated to solving social or environmental problems. It is a non-dividend company set up to solve a specific human problem. It operates like a normal company except for one main difference. 100% of the company profits are reinvested in continuing the social mission.

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