Inclusive & Sustainable Events

We help event organizers and event suppliers to maximize the social and environmental benefits of their operations, by integrating social business at every stage of their planning and delivery

> Informing: local social businesses about event opportunities
> Sourcing: social innovations which can contribute to the event
> Training: social businesses to become event-ready
> Facilitating: collaboration among stakeholders

of Vienna inhabitants voted against the City plans to bid for the 2028 Games

is in billion of euros, the average budget for hosting an edition of the Summer Games

is the number of Brazilian SME hired directly or indirectly during Rio 2016

Large scale events represent unprecedented economic opportunities, mobilized in a very limited time and geographical scope. 

Sourcing social business subcontractors do not only allow events organizers and supplier to get the product or service they need, but also to solve pressing local issues, with the same budget.

The inclusive & sustainable events program at a glance



  • Engaging the local social ecosystem about this event, including its economic opportunities
  • Identifying the best social innovations to integrate them in the event scope
  • Training the event organizer



  • Informing and uskilling the local social businesses to the requirement of the event
  • Facilitating collabioration among social businesses
  • Supporting experienced suppliers in their collaboration with social businesses



  • Supporting all suppliers in the “tender-readiness”
  • Supporting all suppliers in their tender answers
  • Facilitating the delivery, in particular the collaboration with social businesses, once the tender is awarded
How can we help you
Event organizer: we support you to maximize the social and environmental benefits of your tendering power by becoming your operational arm to inclusive and sustainable sourcing
Event suppliers: we support you in designing and delivering a sustainable and inclusive solutions to your general event operations or to specific tenders
tony estanguet inclusive events
“We are very happy to engage all the players alongside Professor Yunus, to make Paris 2024 a driving force for progress, which will make history, well beyond its sporting dimension.”

Tony Estanguet
President of Paris 2024

Extract of the May 23rd 2018 Press Release from the City of Paris about the first Inclusive & Sustainable Games  

Video: example of the ESS 2024 Program: a collaboration between Paris 2024, Solideo, Yunus Centre and Les Canaux. Credit: Paris 2024

From Prof. Yunus to all events organizers:

“As a sporting event organizer, you have a tremendous power. And together, we have the responsibility to leave your city a better place. ”