Athlete Entrepreneur

Through accessible training, intensive coaching and one-to-one mentorship, we empower athlete as entrepreneurs, helping them to drive the launch and growth of their own business.

> Awareness: encouraging athletes to become entrepreneur
> incubation: from business idea to business plan
> Acceleration: launch of the business and first sales
> Connection: access to a community of global entrepreneurs


of French olympic athletes live below poverty line 

of NBA players go broke within five years of departing the league according to CNBC

of Kenya’s former top marathon runners live in unsustainable conditions

Athlete can face daunting and difficult time when it come to financing their career or making a living once they retired from the competition. 

Because of their unique schedule and lifestyle, they may not have access to education, training and employment opportunities.

Example of an athlete entrepreneurship program


Support athletes to formulate or refine their business idea

Engagement of athletes during virtual or physical events including training from experts, testimony from peers and case studies with social entrepreneurs.


Support athletes to develop their business plan

Incubation of athletes during virtual or physical events including training with local and international experts, access to online course and specific actions on their own business.


Support athlete to launch their business and make the first sales

3 to 12 months acceleration of athletes including one-on-one coaching with local mentors, access to online training with international experts and connection with other athlete entrepreneurs.

How can we help you:
– One-off design and delivery of trainings, learning & engagement journeys
– Education serie design & delivery for an existing program
– Turn key (white label) design and delivery of the program, from end to end, including call for application, selection, education program, social media management, logistics, reporting, etc
“I am so grateful that there is a programme like this, and I think that anyone who has an idea in their head should subscribe to it. Starting a business is like being an athlete; you just have to practice and grab any opportunity that comes your way.”

– Yi An Chen
Founder of Handmade Soap
Olympian with Taiwan Olympic team

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From Prof. Yunus to all athletes starting their entrepreneurial journey:

“You will enjoy it. You will have fun! And you let me know how much fun you had.”