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Why should I become an entrepreneur?

Work consumes over one third of our time in any given day and often comes to define us as individuals. Yet for many, work is just the thing we do to ensure that we can live adequately and provide for ourselves and our family. The vast majority of people around the world don’t enjoy their jobs. A global poll conducted by Gallup in December 2019 has uncovered that out of the world’s one billion full-time workers, only 15% of people are engaged at work. That means that an astronomical 85% of people are unhappy in their jobs.

Alternatively, whilst starting a business is not for everyone, the benefits – both financial and personal – can be tremendously fulfilling. 

Reasons to be an entrepreneur

  1. Escape the reality of a confined job description: After time, jobs can become monotonous, mundane and unchallenging. Running your own business is constantly challenging and exposes you to every facet of business – from stapling and filing to strategy, marketing, sales, and financial management.
  2. Working for someone can be constraining: Being your own boss opens up a new reality defined by a key human virtue of autonomy.
  3. Purpose is a key ingredient for happiness: In an employee role, the realization of purpose is often consumed by the overall purpose of the business. Having your own business makes it easier to align your personal purpose with that of your business – be it the purpose to make lots of money, further a cause, inspire people, free up time, etc…
  4. Be the creator of your own destiny: Working for yourself opens up so many more options in terms of how, where and when you work. 
  5. Wear what you want when you want: Of course, this is often tempered by the industry or nature of work that you are involved in, but I know very successful business owners who work in their boxers or when they are in the office in casual wear.
  6. The line between effort and reward is so transparent when you work for yourself: This makes the effort have so much more purpose and the reward feel so much more fulfilling.
  7. Every day get a huge feeling of accomplishment: You can walk into your office knowing you are building something for yourself and that each hour spent is an hour spent on building your empire – big or small.
  8. Have full control over the strategy and direction of your business.‍
  9. Free up time in your schedule to pursue daily activities which are important to you: spend extra time in the morning with your kids, come home for lunch, go to the gym during the afternoon and leave early because you can!
  10. Get the sales buzz on a daily basis: Knowing that you have created something and successfully brought it to market is one of the most rewarding feelings.
  11. Get out of bed every morning and feel motivated: At least 90% of the time – because you are building something for yourself (and not for some other business owner/shareholder). Working for yourself is the biggest motivator as you have everything to prove and only yourself to blame.

Feeling inspired to start your own business? Good news: at Yunus Sports Hub we’ve just launched a new entrepreneurship training programme for French Speakers, with a fully funded option. 

Co-designed with our Founder, Nobel Laureate Professor Yunus, the online course is called Sprint, and over a ten-week period our coaches and mentors will work with individuals to help them shape their social business idea, use business planning tools like Lean Canvas, and get pitch-ready. Learning will take place via a combination of specialist lessons, group workshops, one on one mentoring and home-based tasks, and will only require roughly 3-4 hours a week of your time. 

Crucially, if you live in France, you can fund the full costs of this training using your Compte Personnel de Formation (CPF) allowance. But don’t worry if not – you can also pay yourself directly via a series of manageable instalments if you aren’t eligible for CPF. You can check out the programme plans and download the course brochure here. In the coming months we’ll also be launching Sprint in other languages, and developing a number of other courses too. 

The first cohort of Sprint launches on October 3rd, with four more cohorts planned throughout 2023. Sign-up before September 26th to make sure your place is secured.