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3 Innovative Ways That Sport is Switching on Social Consciousness & How Your Brand Can Do The Same


If you are a socially conscious person, why don’t you run your business in a way that will help achieve social objectives?”  – Professor Yunus


Sport has the ability to show us how alike we truly are. It creates a positive environment on the field, court, and even in the stands where differences are put aside for a bigger purpose. Due to this, sports have had the special ability to bridge the gap between camaraderie and social issues; creating new opportunities for entrepreneurs in Sport & Social Business.  

The idea of being aware of social issues in a sporting environment isn’t new. People have used sporting events, such as the Olympics, to bring light to important issues since the beginning of time. With its unique ability to unite, sports environments can be the perfect place to solve the problem. Use your platform and following to create social consciousness and positive change in your community. 

Here are 3 innovative ways that sport is switching on social consciousness and how your brand can do the same…
  1. With a big following on social media platforms, sport accounts have the capability to run successful, meaningful campaigns. Drawing attention to social issues shows your followers where you stand on important matters. For example, Nike ran a campaign featuring Colin Kapernick, who is known for kneeling during the playing of the USA National Anthem in protesting police brutality towards Black people. This advertisement sends the message that Nike also stands against police brutality. If you feel passionate about it, then you should share!
  2. Building on campaigns, many sports brands have helped to facilitate conversation on tough topics, providing a type of “safe space.” In light of recent events, most sport organizations and their athletes have pledged to stand against racism and have encouraged their fans to do the same. Along with these conversations, many organizations in general have pledged to be better examples for their fans. These organizations are continuing to build on social consciousness by using sustainable practices, reducing waste, and promoting good health & wellbeing. Be the leader you need!
  3. Sport environments have now started to become classrooms. With the attention brought on by campaigns and pledges, people are curious on how they can be a part of these movements. Whether you’re virtual or in person, offer expert workshops or provide educational links and resources. Connect your community through common purpose and give them the tools to share with their networks. Continue to facilitate conversations that lead to enlightenment rather than argument. Educate your community on how to be better, socially conscious people! 

Using these tactics is a step in the right direction. When looking at them from a Sport & Social Business scope, these innovative solutions can help you to gain a like-minded audience, build your brand, and create real change while further building your community.

Sport will continue to be a tool in creating social consciousness, especially as the world becomes more aware of its issues. While we are different in many ways, there are far more similarities between us. Sport highlights those similarities and gives us the opportunity to create change for good, together

Need help creating social consciousness within your community? Check out our solutions or join the Sport & Social Business Community to connect with other problem solvers!