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No Media Coverage? No Problem. Meet the Problem Solver — Christel Saneh!

Christel is a record-holding athlete defying the status-quo of sports journalism in the Middle East through Sport & Social Business. Christel extends a hand to bring younger problem solvers with her on this impactful and exciting journey.


“Everything we do starts with a problem, we have a lot, we should always start somewhere.”

As with any sector, the sport industry has its own unique problems that need to be solved. Something special about Sport & Social Business is that, when combined, there are limitless opportunities to make change! As professor Yunus once said;

“I always felt amazed at the limitless power of sport. It is powerful because it is basic to human nature. Where there is power, there is always a chance to make a meaningful difference to people’s lives.”


“In a country where it is rare for athletes to become professionals, the lack of media coverage didn’t help.”

In a country where media coverage is only for mainstream sports, Christel created a solution to highlight local athletes within the track and field community. Starting with a social media page called Track and Field Society, Christel began to gain credibility within the community. What started as a way to recognize athletes is now a resource for Lebanese track and field athletes.

After facing initial doubt about starting this page, Christel recognized the importance of following her passion. Following her passion led Christel to becoming an IOC Young Reporter and later, an IOC Young Leader.

Christel has committed to solving the problem by forging her own career as an entrepreneurial journalist. She honors and advances the authentic, unbiased coverage that she believes are needed in Lebanon and the Middle East.

Photo by Raj Araman


“Find what you are good at. It may be different things; combine them together and be unique.”

Christel recognizes that these opportunities at a young age have given her a platform to make change. She now uses this platform to empower athletes, young reporters, and fellow young leaders to also take seriously the transformative potential of sports journalism. In doing so, she has not only stimulated a more equitable sports culture in Lebanon and the Middle East, but has also extended a hand for fellow problem solvers to join her on this exciting journey.

Photo by Marise Nassour

Christel’s mentee, Marise Nassour, aspires to be a sports journalist. Marise assists Christel in covering track and field events and photographs athletes, including Christel (above), while her mentor is competing.


“We are so scared to state our problems, we never talk about our solutions.”

Christel can recall a time when she was told that females shouldn’t be problem solvers. Her response? “It’s not a matter of where you come from, it’s about how you act.” Christel leads by example in showing that anyone can create the solution.

After 10 years of successfully running Track and Field Society, Christel’s dedication to problem solving allowed her to turn her platform into a business. She has plans to create a young reporters program through her university.

Christel is a regional leader of the Yunus Sports Hub Sport & Social Business Community.


To learn more about how to use sport & social business to tackle problems in your community join the Sport & Social Business Community.