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How These 4 Tactics Can Turn Your Fan Base into a Problem-Solving Community

In the words of Professor Yunus, “Sport is a big power, and that power must be used for social purposes.” Sport has an immeasurable impact on society across the world. Harnessing that impact and using it for social purposes has the potential to make local and global change.

So you want to make a difference in your community?  Mobilize your fan base to solve social and environmental challenges! People have the desire to do good, but there is usually a need for opportunity and a need for easy access to those opportunities. We’ve  pulled together some of our favorite solutions that organizations have implemented in their communities..

Here are 4 tactics that can turn your fan base into a problem-solving community…

  1. Turn your focus to the younger members of your fan base. Youth are particularly receptive to the idea of contributing to a better world. By supporting the local youth, you can equip them with the knowledge to change the world. Create educational opportunities in and through sport using workshops and clinic days. By teaching young people how to be socially aware, we are preparing them to identify problems in their communities and solve them. The IOC Young Leaders programme is a great example of empowering young people to leverage the power of sport to create a positive change.

2. Teach the lesson of “leaving the bench cleaner than you found it” to your fan base. This idea advocates for environmental stewardship and encourages people to be mindful of their impact. Destroy all the barriers between people and their wish to contribute to a better society so it’s easy for them to act. Provide bins at your facility for trash and recycling. Post informational signage on water conservation in the restrooms. Teach your fan base about the importance of best practices when it comes to the environment. Small actions can have a ripple effect! This can be made easy by integrating social business suppliers to the value chain of your facility. Check out how Paris 2024 is doing so with the ESS 2024 program.

3. Create volunteer opportunities for your fan base. With more exposure to the problems, people will have better ideas to design solutions.  Host a volunteer day where the focus is on an area in need of revitalization. Promote the idea of creating sustainable, social businesses in spaces that are no longer in use. With the support of your organization, fans will have the chance to be change makers in their community. A great example of this is the Agora programme in Senegal, which acts to stimulate the local economic fabric, create employment, and promote participation in sport.

4. Generate equal opportunity for everyone in your community through inclusive events. Oftentimes we see individuals excluded from sport based on factors like race, gender, ability, or socio-economic status. Organize events that are open to all members of your community!  Try a mixed tournament. Adapt your sport to be played by those with physical disabilities. The Centre for Sports and Human Rights provides resources on how diversity and inclusion paired with sport can provide the inclusivity that your community needs.

The possibilities are endless for your organization. By utilizing these tactics, you have the opportunity to position your organization as change makers, all while building your brand loyalty. Feeling inspired and want to know more? Check out the Yunus Sports Hub solutions to find the best fit for you.