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Leveraging the power of sport and media. Meet the Problem Solver — Jean Claude Rugigana

Jean Claude encourages youth to take part in sport movement. He aims to change people’s misconception about sport, through media.


Professor Yunus once said, “All human beings are born entrepreneurs. Some get a chance to unleash that capacity.”

By unleashing entrepreneurial spirit, Jean Claude’s passion led him to create Sport4Change Media; a platform for his local community and someday — the world.


“I’m trying to leverage the power of sport and media to create positive change in the world by sharing inspiring stories”

Through his passion for leveraging the power of sport and media, Jean Claude founded Sport4Change Media; a local platform highlighting sporting events. Jean Claude hopes for a nationwide expansion of Sport4Change throughout Rwanda and eventually, an international multi-media powerhouse.

Jean Claude aspires to educate youth about peace and unity through using his sport, karate, as a tool. That’s why Sport4Change Media is only the beginning. Jean Claude’s vision includes the creation of a Sport4Change Network. This network would include revenue streams such as partnerships with local karate academies, training sessions for athletes, mentorship programs. All done by using local resources, a sound business model, and the goal of empowering youth in mind.


While the world has been mostly shut down due to COVID-19 pandemic, Jean Claude has helped to keep his community active. Working as the African Regional Leader for the COVID-19 Sports Response, he has organized activities such as hosting online hangout sessions, encouraging people to stay active through karate videos online, and even making and distributing footballs using local materials for children to use at home.

Jean Claude didn’t not have prior experience managing a group this large, however, he was able to learn how to be flexible and get everyone involved. Further proving that extra effort and communication goes a long way.

Throughout this pandemic, Jean Claude has worked to get a partnership that will produce an online course to teach martial arts during lockdown. A total of 6 karate academies have agreed to partner under the Sport4Change Network to do events similar to his program produced with the IOC.


“Keep lifting each other up because we don’t know what tomorrow will bring.”

On April 7, Jean Claude and Sport4Change Media will pay a memorial tribute to remember 1994 genocide victims. To honor their memory, Jean Claude is gathering stories from those who were sportsmen before the genocide occured. His goal is to show how sport was used in the survival and recovery of his country, and to show the world that sport can contribute to the community during hard times.


“The younger generation needs to take action, we don’t have to wait for parents or other leaders of our community.”

Jean Claude continues to unleash his entrepreneurial capacity by utilizing local resources to create community. His advice to the next generation of problem solvers? Don’t give up! Despite the tough times, there is love between young people. Jean Claude aspires to provide the platform to share that love.

Jean Claude is a regional leader of the Yunus Sports Hub Sport & Social Business Community.

Want to connect with Jean Claude and a global community of problem solvers? Join the Sport & Social Business Community.

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