Congratulations Prof. Yunus

2006 Peace Nobel Laureate
Recipient of the Olympic Laurel

Yunus Sports Hub is the global social business network creating local solutions in and through sport

What We Do

Building on Professor Yunus' 40 years of experience and network:

We promote the sport and social business concept globally​

We help organisations implement sport & social business solutions

We support a community of sport & social business entrepreneurs

How We Do It

Harnessing the Power of the Yunus Network

In order for a network to truly work, it requires trust and deep-felt human connection around a common purpose. For over 40 years, Prof. Yunus has endlessly created meaningful connections around the world, in turn building a strong network that is the foundation of our organization.

Our network covers over 100 countries and consists of organizations, experts, social businesses and leaders around the world who are committed and passionate about solving social and environmental human problems.

This network allows us to design and pilot solutions at a global level while implementing and adapting these solutions to local levels.